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Friday, October 21, 2011

On my mind...Mexican zebras...

Today I'm joining in with Rhonda's On my Mind Friday feature and sharing an experience we had while on holidays earlier this year.
Today DH and I watched the last DVD of our holiday in the US. This one contained files of our stay in San Diego and also our 4 hour trip to Mexico (Tijuana) from our motel in San Diego. We had been warned against going to Mexico as most Americans do not consider it to be a safe place. DH really wanted to be able to say that we had set foot in Mexico and at first we planned to go on the 'trolley' from San Diego. Eventually we went on an organised tour in a bus. The tour driver was an American (who spoke Spanish which was handy at the border) but all of people on the bus were either Aussies or New Zealanders.

We were dropped off in a particular section of the town and warned not to eat anything and to only buy drinks in cans or bottles not from 'soda fountains'. We were also warned not to go more than a few streets from the drop off point and certainly no further than a big metal arch feature over the road and to not pay the first price that they ask for. My husband thrived on the harassment by, and the pushiness of the local shopkeepers; I hated it! You couldn't walk even a few metres without merchandise being shoved in your face and entreaties to buy said merchandise. I wasn't a complete 'curmudgeon', I did buy a few items but I felt uncomfortable the whole time. The people are so poor and tourists must be seen as a way to make some money for their families. I understand that...

In the street where we were dropped there were a number of very interesting donkeys. Hopefully the dye/paint is not toxic but you have to admit it is creative. Tourists pay to get their photos taken with the Mexican zebras...$1 a time. We had a number taken with DH's camera and then the donkey's handler suggested we also pay the donkey $1...fair enough!!! lol

On the drive back to the border, we saw really, really, poor parts  and we saw unbelieveably ramshackle homes in which many Mexicans live. I expect there are other parts of Mexico which are not so poor...I hope so!


Linn said...

I loved San Diego when we visited the U.S.
I think it's just as well we didn't visit Mexico with the kid's.

Isn't it lovely to look back at photos and videos of our travels!

Humble wife said...

Tiajuana is a very bad example of Mexico as it is a tourist town and even the children are pushy and selling their wares.

Some of Mexico is not so poor, and most of Mexico is of communities similar to western life(poorer but same values) is just that the border of the US has been a boom financially for each border Mexican town that it has blossomed into what it is.

I am sorry for your experience and that it was not a real view to a nation... My in laws immigrated in the 1960's- from Mexico, my husband is first one born in US. We used to go to Mexico all the time- but the drug wars have made everyone a target. 27000 people have been murdered on the border in Mexico and it is not safe for most. A few weeks ago two young people were executed and hanged from a bridge for saying in Spanish-that the drug problem is scary...on FACEBOOK. Traffic stopped in another community weeks ago because nearly 20 bodies were dumped mid day in rush hour.

I am not sure if this makes world news but I live several miles north of Mexico border and of course understand English Spanish. It is very concerning for us as the drug war/murders are and will continue to cross to the US as it is an ignored problem by our leaders.

I am so thankful you had no hassles while in Mexico. And I pray someday we are able to have Mexico back as the nation it was yet I fear it may never change.