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Sunday, October 23, 2011


The Friday Night Sew In was a bit of a fizzer for me this month. It's all because of this problem I have...despite not having a medical degree, I tend to self diagnose :-(. It all started 2 weeks ago. I had some sort of gastric disorder. Not to worry, just a bug, I'll drink lots of peppermint tea and water. I also took an anti diarrhoea tablet that we have for DH when we travel. Then I noticed that I had backache that seemed to get steadily worse. No worries it's just my scoliosis. Then after a week things seem to settle down last Monday.Good eh? By Wednesday I had quite sharp abdominal pains so I rested and took some paracetamol. On Thursday I had a commitment at 9-11 helping out at Mainly Music at church. Before I went to that I made an appointment with the doctor for 11.45. Yes! I had 'given in'!

The antibiotics made me sleepy but my 'nurse' kept an eye on me

Apparently I have an infection in my colon. My doctor sent me for a scan and luckily the Xray place fitted me in straight away as I couldn't start the antibiotics until that was done. I slept most of Friday and then, after dinner (takeway organised by DH) I went to work on my knitting project for FNSI as I hadn't been able to prepare what I needed for a sewing project I was going to do. It went like this...knit 4 slip 2, doze 5 mins...wake up...knit 4 etc  until eventually I fell fast asleep with knitting discarded!

Saturday morning I did manage to do some more knitting so I guess it's been Saturday Morning Sew In for me this month :-)

SMSI! lol


Naturally Carol said...

Hi Maria..I like your 'Watch Cat'! I'm glad that you went to the doctor and are now on the mend. I hope you'll take it a bit easy this week and recover properly.

Tanya said...

Probably a good lesson for a lot of us. It's not good to run to the doctor for every little thing but sometimes we do need a professional eye. I hope you are feeling better soon. Nurse looks a little worried don't you think.

Linn said...

Looks like you were well taken care of! Hope you are well soon.

Maria said...

Hope you are feeling better Maria. Love the Watch Cat.

Great colours you are working with.