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Friday, December 10, 2010

This is on my mind...

Hmmm...'this is on my mind'... What am I going to do with all this 'stuff' that I've brought home from my classroom? Those who have been following my blog will know that I had a goal to leave my job with 'one box and my handbag'...didn't quite pan out did it? And there are a few more boxes in the boot of the car as well!!! lol Teachers certainly do collect a lot of 'stuff' and my ten years working in Early Childhood meant I had resources to make a classroom into a farm, bush scene, airport, supermarket etc etc. But I left that scene 2 years ago and gave so many resources away and in the last 12 weeks I've been giving heaps of other resources away as a lot can be collected in 30+ years. So what is going to happen next week is that I'm going to go through all this 'stuff' and continue to cull! It will be quite cathartic I reckon!


Bluezbandit said...

I am an early childhood teacher as well and I think I will be the same as you when I finally retire. I have so much stuff, and I will be wanting to keep some of it in case I want to do relief teaching here and there. All the best with your retirement, only wish it was me.

Maria said...

Bluezbandit, yes you'd know exactly how it's been!I changed directions in the 90s and did a new degree specialising in Early Childhood (or Early Years as they now call it in Qld)so very quickly amassed another lot of resources to add to the upper primary ones I already had.Then a new boss came in and 2 years ago I got switched back to upper primary. I gave a lot of things away to grateful colleagues but I know what you mean about keep things for possible relief teaching. Here we now have a lot of Interactive whiteboards and many relief teachers are using them and carrying what they need on a USB! Times have changed in 39 years!!
I made my decision to retire very suddenly but I don't regret it...I hope! lol

Claud said...

A well deserved retirement indeed! I admired teachers a lot since it's not a profession I would even consider. Have a few friends who are teachers and the stories are always the same - and not necessarily motivating. So my hat off to you and all in this hard but not appreciated profession. Enjoy your retirement!

Susan said...

Hi Maria,
I followed you over from Down to Earth so just wanted to say hello as I drop by.
Enjoy your retirement. At first, my favourite activity was sleeping in!!
Cheerio, Susan