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Saturday, December 18, 2010

My name is Maria and I am an Ebay addict...

It was DH who first bought something on Ebay. This was about 3 years ago now, and I thought I might have a little look. I remember I decided to use DH's account to bid on some knitting yarn which I/he won! I think I bought one other thing around that time and then didn't look at Ebay again for ages. A year later I decided to get my own Ebay account and started looking more seriously at what was on offer. Hmmm.... to a 'stash builder' Ebay was like an Aladdin's Cave!!!! A fat quarter here, 1/2 metre there, 10 balls of Patons fashion Mohair, 12ply, 8ply, baby yarn,... it's a real treasurehouse! Then I discovered a lady who sold lace trims, another who sold sewing and patchwork patterns, out of print books, dvds etc, but it was the variety of knitting yarns that drove me to bid and buy! I guess I was hooked!!! lol
 These 2 bags contain my mohair Ebay treasures
Behind this wardrobe door is more of my stashes (yeah...fabrics and yarns)

I knew I may be starting to have a problem when the surly mail contractor said to my neighbour who was graciously signing for one of my Ebay parcels as I was at work, 'This woman (he meant me!) gets so many parcels, I reckon she sends stuff to herself'! Well!!!

But I can assure you I don't just collect, I do use my Ebay treasures. Below is an 'Ebay Throw' knitted entirely with lovely mohair yarns bought on Ebay. I always check what the value of the yarns is and factor in postage. I don't bid beyond a certain point...well sometimes if I really lust after a particular yarn. There is a seller on Ebay (who lives in the next suburb from me) who calls herself  'achronicyarnaholic'. Her real name is Rose and I tell you, she's a real temptress... the yarns she has for sale are incredible. She states on her site that she has bought all these yarns for her own use over the years and now she is downsizing...yeah right. She's been selling for quite a while and must have a warehouse sized shed in her backyard!!! She obviously has a bigger stash than me and I reckon if my stash was all knitted up it would cover my suburb!!!

The 'Ebay Throw'
I know I have plenty of yarn to keep making my throws, not only as gifts but also for charities to raffle or to give to someone in need. So there will be lots more 'Ebay Throws' to come. But it's not just yarns and fabrics I've bought. We had a wedding to go to in October this year and it was a masquerade theme...DH and I needed masks and Ebay was where we got them from. He had a Zorro type and I had a lovely purple and black one. For that same wedding my older daughter bought her dress, shoes, handbag and mask on Ebay; it was all colour co-ordinated and she looked beautiful! I don't think I'd do that though. Too risky buying a dress as sizes can vary so much!
My younger daughter always admired our hallstand and we searched unsuccessfully in stacks of shops looking for one we could buy her for her birthday. DH found a few that 'fitted the bill' on Ebay; one of which he won. She loved it! When the grandkids come, guess where I'm buying the equipment for their visits? Yep Ebay.
I've sort of banned myself from buying yarn on Ebay now but I will certainly enjoy knitting up the yarns I have, especially the gorgeous mohairs. But gee it's hard. I keep thinking, 'what if I miss a really lovely bargain???? Be strong Maria!!! lol


bettsylyn said...

I knew I had a problem when the mail contractor gave me a chocolate bar for Christmas. He must have thought I was keeping him in a job. I was buying lots of presents at the time and went a little bit over board.Since then I have settled down but it is a great place to find some specific things.

bluezbandit said...

A few years ago I blew my whole $3000 tax cheque on goodies from eBay. Even though I shouldn't be so pleased from 'things' but those things DO give me moats of pleasure. Mostly Art Deco pottery.

bluezbandit said...

Oops! Moats of pleasure should have read loads of pleasure. Damn iPad predictive text.

Maria said...

Ah yes 'bluezbandit', predictive text; have I sent some strange messages with that! lol
I loved your comment though about blowing the whole cheque...sometimes it does you good to splurge and you obviously get so much pleasure from the items you bought. Good on you!!!I have bought some rather expensive yarns (mostly I get average priced yarns at reduced prices) from ebay but I use them in the knitting projects I do rather than hoarding them which is what I've done with a lot of the patchwork fabrics...too scared to cut them! lol