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Thursday, December 16, 2010

On my mind...'s been said by my brother that, 'I could worry for Australia'. For those of you who are new to the dryness of Aussie humour, it means that I've been known to worry about things a lot. My mother (who was also a champion worrier) used to say, 'Don't worry it might not happen' when discussing something that I was worrying about but which hadn't actually happened. In the 8 1/2 years I've been with DH he's taught me to be 'kinder to myself' and most importantly, 'don't worry about things over which you have no control'!
So what am I revving up to worry about now? On Tuesday my neighbour and I chatted across the side fence. I admired her beautiful baby daughter playing on a rug on the soft grass and she told me that the house (which she and her husband rent) has been sold to a DEVELOPER!
 In my street there has been lots of noise, disruption, heavy cement trucks, crane trucks and trademen's utes parked everywhere for most of the last 2 years. Yes there is always a 'development' on the go despite the GFC. Single house lots become multiple dwellings housing many times the number of people at present. I know that this is 'progress' as it is predicted that that another 20000 residents will move into this area in the present plan and I guess these new residents will need homes.
I guess I'm being selfish. I want to keep the views, I want to keep the large amount of sunshine my garden gets so my veggies thrive...I don't want to hear other peoples' TV and sound systems blaring. I want my visitors to be able to park outside my home. I want to sit in my garden without being overlooked by people enjoying the view on their balconies.
Now after all that tirade of what I don't want...the developer may not get the funds he needs, his plans may be rejected or any number of things could happen. Given the developer's best case scenario, building wouldn't start for at least 12 months; maybe even longer as I know the house there at present contains asbestos. So the aforementioned homilies of my mother and DH are very appropriate for this situation.
A view of the not too distant mountain range I can see at present from my sewing room.


Susan said...

Sometimes it really helps to sit down and work through something like the way you've done in this post doesn't it?
Much better than keeping it all bottled up which is the worst kind of worrying I reckon ;-)
Cheers, Susan

Susan said...

oh yes, I meant to add that I love your brother's sense of humour too!!

rhonda jean said...

I hate all the "development" that's going on all around us. They call it progress but I'd just like them to leave it as it is. I understand your concerns. I hope you keep your views.

Claud said...

You are not alone in the worrying trenches Maria. It's bad for me especially at night since that's when I try and solve all the world's problems :-).

But it's sad to see how quaint and quiet neighborhoods are taken away by noise and business development. I can see the same thing every time I go home to see my parents. Sometimes we drive by areas that look vaguely familiar to me but are full of new stores/restaurants/businesses. My country is really bad about zoning the areas properly and establishing what's a 'commercial' and what's 'residential' area. So now the house were I grew up (my daddy built it) is in the middle of this hotch-potch chaotic zone.

I hope all the developer's plans fall through and you get to keep the peace and quiet in your area.

Big hug,

dmarie said...

what an incredible view. who could blame you! but as they say, "don't borrow trouble." You're right to put worry on hold.