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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another lazy Sunday

Today we drove up to Myra's on the Mountain (Mt Nebo) for an early Christmas lunch with some of the family. Bruce and I took my daughter Jen and her boyfriend Phil up in our car. It was the first time we had met Phil and he was absolutely charming. Both of them are absolutely besotted with each other!
Ion and Rowan loved their US dollars pinned inside their Christmas cards and Jenny and Ion loved their birthday gifts too! I was so chuffed that Jenny loved the 'babouska' measuring cups and the 'funky' set of kitchen utensils. I told her they were for her role of 'domestic goddess'. My Jen gave Jenny a subscription to 'Donna Hay' and she just loved that! Our little Lucy (great niece) has grown so much as babies do! She is crawling and trying to stand up; another milestone is that she has one tooth! I had lots of cuddles with her and it's so lovely to see my brother with his grand-daughter!
I gave jenny, Eric and Lucy their Christmas gifts...Lucy opened hers but Jenny wants to keep hers and Eric's until Xmas to open! Lucy got the Size 1 dress I bought at Westfield Parramatta Myer last February just before she was born. DH and i had been on the free bus that travels around Parramatta when I got an overwhelming urge to buy 'girl clothes' even though we had no idea what gender the expected baby was. So off the bus we hopped and I bought a number of items from Myer. Some went to Lucy as soon as she was born but the dress was far too big!

Myra made the most magnificent icecream cake for dessert! Firstly there was a layer of chocolate icecream which had chopped up 'turkish delight chcolates'. Then there was a layer of vanilla icecream with chopped up Mars bar mixed through it and finally a mixed berry sorbet type 'icecream' on top...yum!!!

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