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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas is coming...

Yesterday I spoke to my younger daughter about Christmas. She wanted to know what my husband and I wanted. I said my usual bit about having all I need and want and to just get something 'little'. Then she said something really interesting! Apparently her uncle, (my brother) has said to her to go to one of the Overseas aid shops like Oxfam and organise to buy on his behalf a goat for a family struggling in a Third world country. At last someone in the family is agreeing with my thoughts on Christmas as stated in a previous post. I'm going to talk to my husband about whether we do something similar. I think I'll feel much better about 'that part' of Christmas now; still adore the other parts especially family time, music, food, sharing with friends and that lovely laidback time after Christmas.

Yesterday DH helped me put up the small folding table in the little bedroom that I use for my sewing and crafting. This becomes my 'Christmas Elf workspace'. Gifts are dragged out of the cupboard and plastic boxes, sorted out, wrapped and labelled on this table. One part of the table is being used to make a bag for our great niece in Canberra who is having her birthday on Dec 10. The bag is made from the Andover fabric range of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Last year we gave her a pencil case made of this fabric filled with 24 coloured pencils. It was a real hit! I will have lots of fabric left over but maybe Miss 5 will 'over' the VHC by her 6th birthday.

This morning before he toddled off to work, DH also got down the 'Christmas Boxes' from the extremely tall cupboards in the bathroom.(These cupboards are above the regular set of cupboards we use for towels and bedding etc and go right to the ceiling) Each January, I wrap up in tissue any 'special or fragile' items and put them in boxes. Christmas tablecloths, teatowels and handtowels are also put in boxes as well as wreaths, ornaments, tinsel garlands, lights, nativity scenes and table runners.
The Christmas Boxes lying on the bathroom floor...

The Christmas tree is standing in the loungeroom completely 'nude' at the moment but not for long hopefully! The nondescript shoe box in the foreground of the photo contains some tree ornaments I bought on our holiday to UK and Europe in 2008. In those days the English pound was worth $2.50 AUD and I know that I spent a lot of money on these ornaments but I have never regretted doing so. I would have regretted NOT buying them. I have even taken them to work to decorate a tree for the staff's' Christmas in July' morning tea.
How frustrating! I can't seem to be able to insert the next pic! Just as frustrating as FaceBook!!! lol
Oh well will have to put the other photos in another post.


Kayly said...

The Oxfam idea is becoming popular. My DH and I are doing the same thing. We haven't picked a project yet. In the past, we have donated to each other's favourite charity. It puts more meaning into Christmas which had become all a bit too commercial for us. There are more young children in our family now and they help to put more fun into it as well.
I hope you enjoy this last week at school.
Mwrry Christmas.

Maria said...

Kayly I saw an ad in the paper for World Vision this morning. It featured a picture of a little African boy holding a goat. There was a phone number and a webpage...I reckon it's a great idea!
School's over now and I was thoroughly spoiled!
Have a great Christmas!