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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Treats

Last night I started preparations for my chocolate, brandy truffles. In the food processor I crumbed a packet of choc chip cookies and a packet of arrowroot biscuits. (cookies) Then I liberally poured brandy and cointreau over the crumb mixture and mixed it  until all the crumbs were damp. Then I covered the bowl and put it into the fridge for the night.

This morning when I took the lid off the mixture, the unmistakeable aroma of brandy hit me! Then I added the other ingredients; 2 Cadbury flake bars crumbled, a tin of condensed milk, 3 heaped tablespoons of cocoa powder and about a cup of coconut. (If the mix is too moist I add more coconut, too dry...well more brandy of course!lol) Mix it all together and then roll into balls. Then roll these in coconut or chocolate sprinkles etc.
I put some truffles into a small cellophane bag

Because my friend has a 'blue-themed' Christmas, I put the bag into a little blue box.
This evening we are gathering at my friend Pamela's (and her DH Garry) place for a family Christmas celebration. She was already my best friend of 30 years when we became relatives because I married her cousin! Some of our daughters can make it tonight but it is very hard to get everyone together these days as they are all leading their own busy lives. We all contribute to the meal which will be a cold buffet but with hot plum pudding for dessert. Yum! (That sort of food ie plum pudding with so much dried fruit is supposedly off limits in my diet but I'll have just a little bit! lol)

This is the gift 'tub' I've made for our host and hostess this evening. I'm making another one (red) for my brother and his partner for Christmas Eve. Lots of fun! Note the little fluffy blue and white snowflake headband for Pamela. She can put her old reindeer one aside for this evening!


Susan said...

Oh, just too yummy by far ;-)

Claud said...

Maria, your tub of goodies looks lovely and made wish I was the lucky hostes :-)

I want to try your recipe but I don't think I can get the Cadbury bars in the US can you recommend a substitute? Yumm!!!

Maria said...

Claud, I asked my stepdaughter who lived in the US for a year if she knew of anything...and she didn't! Flake is basically like shredded chocolate that has been stuck back together into a bar shape. You could have fun experimenting with chopping up a US chocolate bar. In another of my posts I described a yummy dessert that my brother's girlfriend made with layered icecream with chopped up Turkish delight bars and mars bars in 2 of the was evil but very yummy!!! lol