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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just unwinding...

It was certainly a busy day yesterday with the final packing up of my classroom items. My dream of only having one box of 'stuff' did not come to fruition unfortunately. My little Nissan Micra (yes I know they are a small car) is 'stuffed', including the passenger seat! I plan to maybe go through the items again and see what else I can turf out or give away. But not today!
Today I ate breakfast in the lounge at 7.30 while watching a program on the Bio channel that Bruce had found and thought that I'd like. He was right! It was called 'Coming Home' and was a half hour version of 'Who do you think you are', and this episode featured Patrick Mower. I looked up the Bio channel on the internet and found the program has been running since November 17 with repeats on Thursday morning. Damn the fact that Optus don't give us the option of a program mag any more...I miss so many good shows with this 'hit and miss' business! (I really hope Santa brings me some 'Who do you think you are? ' DVDs).
So any way, how decadent eating breakfast in front of the TV! lol

My younger daughter has just realised that the 'procedure' she is having tomorrow (I have to get her there by 6.30am) is not covered by her health insurance as she doesn't have hospital cover. She reckons she didn't know it was she naive?? She went to a specialist in a specialist centre, she was booked into a private hospital...sigh... She has dipped into her savings for half the cost and've guessed it, I agreed to pay the other half. She'll be fine; it's a routine procedure and it's day surgery so once the anaesthetic wears off she'll be fine! And it's all done, not waiting around for months going through the public system. Bruce and I know how important it is to have full health cover especially at our age. It's not cheap but the alternatives can be scary!

Our little vegie patch. With the warm weather many of the lettuces and Asian greens have gone to seed. Should be lots of little seedlings around in the New Year. The tomato bush on the left (just out of range of the camera) has fallen off the stakes because of the amount of cherry tomatoes on it!


bettsylyn said...

Gosh you just reminded me that I thought I had that show on series link but I didn't. I saw one or two but missed some of the others. Are you watching the new series of Who do you think you are on Tuesdays nights? Now that one I definately have on series link. If you are putting in an order with santa can you please tell him that I need the series 5 dvd? ( I have the first 4 - you can borrow them if you like)

Maria said...

I am watching the WDYTYA series on Tuesday night but also enjoying the latest Australian series on Sunday nights. SBS I think 6.30 ( through Optus, 7.30 though free to air). They have done Magda Sugbanski and Rod Marsh so far. My niece has been sending texts to my husband about buying me a dvd for Christmas and as I don't have any it will be interesting to see which one I get. I may take you up on that offer to borrow some of yours when I really get into the retirement mode! lol