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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On Monday night DH and I went for a drive after dinner to look at some of the Christmas lights displays in our local area. The photo above is of the Baptist church where Pamela and I go (as customers) to some excellent craft markets the first Saturday of the month. It's always been a church noted for its ministry, including a lot of work with refugee groups. The photo doesn't do justice to the magnificent display. There were crowds of people there looking at the lights, lining up to file past all the life-size 'dioramas' of the Christmas story, sitting having food from the sausage sizzle or the coffee shop, watching the puppet show, looking at the model railways' display or buying from the craft and cake stalls. It all engendered feelings of times past for me and I found my self overwhelmed by emotions as I gazed at the Nativity scene. We also looked at the lights at St Gerard Majella Catholic parish church as well as some private homes with displays in the area. 
Next morning, I was up early to wrap up some more gifts as well as package some homemade goodies in my decorated 'lunchboxes' I had previously bought at 'Packaging Direct'. I met 2 friends for coffee and a good old 'catch up chat' early mid morning! Then I took a box of my 'homemades' to my hairdresser as a thank you for all the homecooked goodies she has sent me this year via her son who was in my class this year. Antonietta then worked on my hair and gave me a new colour and new style to celebrate finishing work. She generously deducted the price of the haircut from my bill as a 'retirement present' generous of this lovely woman!

I've had the tree up for a few weeks now but have been very slow putting out other little Christmas 'touches'. Above is my beloved knitted Nativity. Note the angel on the lefthand background. The Archangel didn't come with the original figures and a dear friend Thelma, knitted an angel for me! Below is my little village which has lights that change colour. I could watch it for hours! lol

Below are 2 shots of a Christmas card I received from my friend Lee and her husband Alf. Every year Alf makes the cards himself. I loved his sense of humour this year regarding their beautiful cat Sabrina Maud.

On Monday afternoon, a GP whom I had consulted just under 2 weeks ago rang me back to tell me some swab tests she had organised had come back and I needed to come down to the surgery as there were some infections involved. Amazing! I had been suffering a lot of discomfort in the 'nether' regions and put it down to 'my age'... and vaguely thought I'd have to see the 'gynae' at some stage soon. I have a viral and a bacterial infection so now have some medications. I am thankful to the  thorough, caring and active listening female GP!!! So that explains the unwell feeling as well as the acute discomfort of the last week of term and the holidays so far. I'm feeling really good about Christmas now as my energy is coming back, even as I type!!!

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