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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Definitely the next stage of my life...

Tomorrow is my last day as a classroom teacher. I stood in front of my first class in January 1971 so that is 39 years, with just a few years' break when Jen was young. (even tho' I didn't teach when Jen was young, I still worked from when she was 18months old) So in 39 years I've had an 18month break when I wasn't employed. Lots of people ask me if I'm worried I'm doing the wrong thing by retiring...the answer is a resounding 'NO"! The more I hear about what is going to be happening in education from next year and in particular at my school, the more pleased I am that I made the decision to retire.
Because I love the 'domestic arts' and they have become trendy these days, the more I find out in the community for me to enjoy with like-minded souls. I've joined the local patchwork shop club and plan to go to stitching sessions there as well as learn some new techniques in patchwork and quilting. A few years ago I bought my older girl a sewing machine. She has left it at my place so I'm going to go to the dealer and organise some lessons for me to learn how to use it. If I get to like a more modern machine like hers I might replace my old Elna.
The local wool shop also has social groups as well as classes so I will be getting involved there too! Then there is the Enoggera Garden Club, the Enoggera and Districts historical club...the list of possibilities goes on and on!
Tomorrow I'm taking some homemade alcohol laced truffles for my colleagues. I'll wrap them in cello in the morning. I have knitted a throw for my teaching partner and I bought some little fruit cakes and plum puddings for some of the aides. I've also decided that 39 years is a long time so I'm taking in 2 dozen mini mud cakes and a rich fruit cake to share with colleagues at morning tea. (before I have to go on duty!).
Tomorrow is also special for the Yr 7 s at my's their graduation ceremony in the morning. This afternoon my class had to set up the hall for this occasion. They did a pretty good job even tho' we were left to our own devices with no guidance from admin.
I'm pretty tired with making all those truffles and being awake mostly from 2.30 this morning. DH has had another bout of diarrhoea starting yesterday afternoon. He awoke at 2.30 and needed some help. He then fell fast asleep and I tossed and turned. He wasn't crash hot today but at least the diarrhoea has stopped. He's expecting to go off to work tomorrow.
When I got home today I was frustrated and angry as we'd had a meeting that went to 5.30 but when I got home I found that Meg has a teaching job with permanency at Wandoan. The job should be for a minimum of 3 years. This is the break she needs. This will set Meg up for life now!! Woot woot!!!


bettsylyn said...

That's good news for Meg. Years ago in correspondence ( preschool) I had that area. I remember a very quiet night at the motel. I am sure it has picked up a bit since then. Still it is not too far to get back to Brisbane for the weekend every so often. And of course now that you are retired you can get out there more often.

Maria said...

Hi bettsylyn, Meg has discovered that the school is very small and she will be Year 8 co-ordinator to 4 year 8 students. As well as 'her usual' subjects, he will also be teaching Home Ec and as a high school trained teacher she will spend a lot of time working in the primary section of the school. At the moment she is out looking at household goods as her accomodation has a lounge and a fridge. It's excellent that they have teacher accomodation though!