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Saturday, December 11, 2010

I love those rainy days...

So far the wild stormy weather of yesterday has not repeated, as was predicted by the weather bureau. Instead, in the afternoon we had some gentle showers which made a soft pitter patter on the metal roof of the veranda. perfect weather for knitting and reading. I got some great books on knitting at the library yesterday as well as my usual patchwork and quilting magazines. One of the books, 'Module Magic' was so interesting that I bought my own copy online this afternoon from the Book Depository. People who know me well, know that I don't often buy books, preferring to keep borrowing from the library or dare I say it ...? photocopying ideas. The Book depository which is based in the UK, has amazing prices on most books but the best thing of all is that it's free postage!
In the photo you can see my huge 12 oz (340gram) ball of Bernat cotton which I bought from Gabrille at the American Yarn shop a few weeks ago. here
The plan was to make some cotton dishcloths and that's what I started on today. I'm using a simple design similar to basketweave. I had this crazy thought as I was knitting, that the colours remind me of the egg and lettuce sandwiches my mother used to make for me...I guess the young people in my life would say that that connection is 'random'!

Talking of food, below is a photo of the tomato puree I made yesterday. It's now in the freezer ready for a pasta or meatball meal .

Last night for dinner, I wanted something simple to make and light on the digestive tract. DH loves my seafood mornay, so that's what I made. It's my version of the seafood mornay I have when we go to the Manly Fish Cafe in Sydney. (not on a regular basis mind you as we do live in Brisbane!)
Firstly I make the topping:- 1/2 cup mascapone cheese, 1 cup of homemade cheese sauce, 2 tabs of grated parmesan cheese and 4 anchovies chopped up really finely. Mix all the ingredients together.
Next I poach some seafood, you could use a marinara mix but I use chopped up pieces of white fish (any variety), scallops and prawns. I use white wine, water and 2 bayleaves in my poaching liquid. Just simmer the seafood till it changes colour, then drain.
Then I put the cooked seafood into greased individual mornay dishes or ramekins and top with the cheese mixture.
Finally I put the dishes under the grill until the topping browns and bubbles! (The topping ingredients are enough for 2 mornay dishes of seafood)
DH and I sat on our veranda last evening with a glass of white wine each, some salad, some crusty bread and our seafood mornays. With the rain pattering on the roof, it was bliss!!! lol


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Claud said...

Maria - your dinner sounds wonderful. It was raining here too but I'm sure your rain was not mixed with ice like mine was - burrrrr!