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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another day closer to Christmas

Sorry to keep harping about Christmas but a lot of my day was involved with some aspects of being organised for the big day. This morning my friend Pamela and I headed off to the craft markets at Stafford Heights Baptist church. It was certainly a hive of activity there today. A man was up on the roof putting up the lights for the display that this church has become famous for in this part of Brisbane. There were lots of extra stalls and lots of customers who were spending up buying lovely handcrafted items as presents. One extra stall was selling lovely flowering orchids and the lady was doing a roaring trade. Pam and I bought a few each to give away. I bought a number of items that will be presents for loved ones and workmates. It takes us ages to go around the stalls as most of the stallholders have become our good friends. A number of them were at the original Blackwood Rd markets years ago and I used to buy from them then.
This church has a magnificent coffee machine and apparently a number of parishioners have done barista courses. We always have a coffee and some fruit toast/scone/pikelet etc.

Pamela and I had a chance today to have a good chat while we had our coffee and guess what???? She wants to 'cut back' on the size of the gift-giving too! I'm ecstatic as it's what I've been preaching for at least 2 years but no one appeared to be listening! I told her about Harry (my brother) and the goat. (see previous day's post) and she'd never heard of the scheme. Pamela always makes a plum pudding for friends and relatives and also gives us a heap of gifts. From now on...just the pudding! Great idea. Each year she hosts a Christmas dinner usually the week before Christmas which she calls the 'Goodwin Christmas' and Goodwins obviously are the guests including DH and I, BIL and 2 SIL and assorted Goodwin/Coulthard children are invited. (Pamela is DH's cousin if you are completely confused as to why my BF would host a family dinner for us Goodwins) As they have got older the 5 daughters often opt out of this gathering. From this year, if they don't come to the dinner, no presents! Apparently my 2 have not reciprocated with gifts to either Pamela or her DH for the last 5-6 Christmases and my 2 never even ring her on her birthday. Very hurtful when she has been there for them at all stages of their life.

On the way home we went to Stafford City for P to pick up some laybuys and I went to Bargain City to buy some supplies for some Xmas Art for the class next week. One thing I'll get my students to do is to decorate a Christmas bauble for each of their Prep 'buddies' and we'll visit the Preps with these little gifts on probably Tuesday. I had hoped to get re-imbursed for the items I bought through petty cash but it came to $48 and I don't think we have that much left... probably put it on my tax instead.

Later tonight I'll be busy wrapping presents for an early Christmas family get together tomorrow lunchtime because my 2 younger nephews will be holidaying in the US so won't be here for Xmas Eve. Also Ion turns 17 the week after next while he's away and his sister had her birthday on Nov we're also celebrating those birthdays. I'll also wrap up a gift for the boys' mother as I love her dearly but my brother doesn't. We're actually having the lunch at his girlfriend's Mt Nebo place . It was chosen for the venue rather than my brother's place at Stafford Heights as the Mt Nebo place has a pool...I guess it's attractive to the younger people.
Getting started on the gift wrapping

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