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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Playing with my new 'toys'...

Another lovely, leisurely day planned for today!
This morning I decided to use my new knitting swift and wool winder. I have been finding it quite tiring in my shoulders winding skeins of yarn into balls so was thrilled when Gabrielle from a local yarnstore had swifts and wool winders in stock. Her prices were extremely reasonable compared to some of the online knitting shops I'd looked at. DH was thrilled as he then wanted to buy me these two items for Christmas, as he had been stumped at what to buy me.

At first my ball of yarn looked a bit wonky!

As I got the 'rhythm' right, the shape of the ball improved

This lovely yarn came in a skein that was nearly 2' or 60cm wide! A big job by hand!

Six months ago I'd never heard of a 'swift'! This one worked a treat and rotates easily, letting out more yarn to wind.
 I used all 100grams of yarn to make one ball. In hindsight probably 2x 50gram balls would have been better. I'll see how I go with using the ball; if it unravels too quickly I'll make the smaller balls in future. It was great fun and certainly less taxing on my shoulders and arms! I have lots of skeins waiting to be wound into balls!

It hasn't rained today so DH was out cleaning the boot of his car. It was getting very musty due to putting muddy and wet golf equipment in the boot. If I ever use that car you can guarantee that the boot(trunk) is full of grass and grains of dirt and sand and it doesn't have to have been raining so you can imagine how it would be after the rain we've had. One load of washing is out on the clothesline but the load I did late last night is still hanging on the drying frame which is in our family room at the moment. This sort of weather at this time of year, is just so similar to the weather conditions I can remember from my childhood. Parts of our state  are experiencing really bad flooding; the likes of which haven't been seen for 60 years or more. (no I don't personally remember back that far! lol)

These are the 2 boxes which contain the gifts I buy at any time thoughout the year but especially when we travel. All organised and inventoried for the new year. I have actually taken out something to wrap up and post to a former sister in law who is having a birthday.

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