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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sisters of Stitch...

I've written a post before about this group that I joined after I retired. The group meets at a large council library which is serviced well by public transport. This means that those who don't drive are catered for. The ages of the ladies varies from young mothers up to ladies in their eighties. The one things that binds us together is that we all love craft and there are so many different items being worked on. Today at my table there were ladies doing tapestries and counted cross stitch, embroidery, tunisian crocheting, tatting and knitting. One of the ladies who is in the group makes china dolls and then dresses them in the most exquisite period costumes. I took some photos today so the rest of this post will be in pictures.

Morag ran 'Show and tell' today and she is holding up a pair of lovely knitted slippers

The lady who made the slippers has come out to talk about the items she has made

She also made a crocheted rug with the softest yarn

Morag is helping show more of this lady's items

Isabel, the lady on the right is a retired veterinarian; she's enjoying retirement and all the time she has for crafts

Across the table from me today is Melissa (left) and Cheryl. Cheryl  writes a lovely blog  here

The ladies at the tables on the other side of the room enjoying 'Show and tell' time

Isabel with her stitchery which she started a number of years ago but it's now finished and framed :-)

The busy ladies on my right

Some ladies are too busy stitching to stop for afternoon tea

The 'Show and Tell' table

Cheryl at the sharing table. Today there were lots of craft mags, some chokos ( a vegie which grows on a vine ) and some bags of yarn.
As Isabel the retired vet said today, 'SOS is such a lovely afternoon out'....and it certainly is.


Becky said...

WOW! Looks like an amazing group of women!

Susan said...

Maria, I really enjoyed seeing your SOS friends. Can understand why you look forward to those afternoons.