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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The second day in Bendigo....

DH and I did so much today, but I'll just write the Grace Kelly Exhibition tonight. The main reason for that is that Telstra's mobile broadband is not turning out to be very reliable :-( .

The exhibition is in the Art Gallery, another lovely old building. We arrived about 20 mins before the gallery opened; we were in the first session of the day ie 10 am. Part of me expected that we wouldn't be allowed to take photos and I was right.

It was well worth our journey of 1600 kms to come to this exhibition. There were beautiful ballgowns, everyday clothes, hats, gloves, sunglasses, handbags and costumes from her movies. There was a replica of her wedding dress and it was magnificent; the beading on the exquisite lace on her train had me entranced. The original of her wedding dress is in Philedelphia but is rarely shown as the silk is quite fragile. The  long dress she wore in High Society (in the scene with Sinatra) was exquisite.
The designers of the majority of the dresses were, Balenciaga, Bohan, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Madame Gres (whose clothes were gorgeous), Dior, Rouff, Givenchy, Helen Rose, Cassini and  Edith Head.
The lighting was low to protect the fabrics, but 'large print' booklets of the labels were provided. Made it so much easier to read about the displays.
My dear sweet DH insisted on buying me the catalogue of the exhibition as an extra treat for me.

Blogger rotated the photo! It's the catalogue and the the carry bag

An old hotel on the corner of the street where the Art Gallery is (view St)
Looking down View St, from the gallery


Dorothy said...

Glad to hear that you're enjoying your visit to Bendigo. Shame you weren't able to take photos at the exhibition - would have been nice to see. I wonder if they'll let you take pics at the woollen mills :) Enjoy the rest of your stay. xoxox

Susan said...

It was good to read about your experience there Maria. So glad you're enjoying your trip.
Bet you're glad you packed some woollies too ;D)