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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Don't the weeks fly? It's Monday again so that means I'm once again joining in with Jodie's feature , Make- Grow-Thrift. This week Jodie shortened a coat to give it a more up to date look. My contribution to the topic is a 'make'. It's a recipe that I have actually posted before but I took another set of photos for this post.

Today I headed off to a Knit and Natter group in Scarborough, about a 35 minute drive north of my place. I always like to take something I've made to share at morning tea time. It's the beginning of May and I still had an unopened tin of biscuits which were a Christmas present. Since Christmas I've already made a batch of choc/brandy truffles and 2 batches of Hikers Cakes out of crumbled up 'Christmas' biscuits. So last night I decided  to make another batch of Hikers Cakes to take to the K&N.

Take some sweet biscuits...

crumb the biscuits...

In a saucepan place some butter, sugar, cocoa and mixed fruit and melt gently.

Add a beaten egg and continue to whisk mixture over the heat...

remove from the heat and add crumbed biscuits, cherries and vanilla

Mix to combine all ingredients
press into a slice/lamington tin and place in refrigerator to 'set'. Later on ice/frost

Now the complete recipe is here. Please be aware that this is not a 'healthy eating' option that's why I make it to take to groups and meetings or other 'bring a plate' occasions that I attend.  People only eat one piece each which I figure shouldn't hurt them too much.

Now I mentioned that I went to K&N this morning...there is a little 'sub-group' that sew rather than knit and here's a photo of one member's husband 'modelling' one of the garments that had been sewn and donated to the group for handing out to children of needy families. Needless to say Ren made us all laugh! I took some jersey fabric that a friend gave me to give to Ren's wife so that her group can continue to make children's clothes. Robyn, another knitting group member had also found some spools of overlocking threads  in an op shop, which she bought and today she handed over to the sewing group. When we looked at the threads it was amazing...they were the same colour as the fabric that my friend had donated.

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