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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A book signing...Down to Earth..

I first discovered the world of blogging after reading an article in a 'Burke's Backyard' magazine. The columnist was Rhonda-Jean and I noted that she also wrote a blog here. I visited her blog and was immediately hooked. In those early days I would read each new post and then also read posts from her archives. Then I started to click on people who left comments on Rhonda's blog and so visit their blogs. My reading list grew and then after a number of months as a reader and commenter, I decided to start my own blog. 

Earlier this week Rhonda wrote in a post that she was doing a 'talk and book signing' here in Brisbane. I emailed the book store, 'Avid Reader' so that DH and I could attend the event. 'Avid Reader' is a small (as in independent and not part of a huge chain) bookstore in the inner suburb of West End. We were welcomed this evening, offered a glass of wine and then ushered into a room at the back where the 'talk' part of the evening would be. 

Rhonda, just before she started her talk

Rhonda spoke of her earlier life and how the high pressure life did not make her happy, despite earning very good money. She explained how she and her husband Hanno moved towards a quieter, gentler life. She also talked about the gradual evolution towards blogging after being involved in a number of forums. 

The book signing; there was the inevitable queue

A poster showing the Talk and signings at the book store

Just a shot showing how many books are crammed into the quaint little shop

My turn!

She told us that years ago she wrote a book similar to the one published by Penguin this year. The three publishers she sent it to, knocked it back. A few months ago, one of those publishers contacted her, offering to publish her work...needless to say she declined. Rhonda also talked about how she came to be a Womens Weekly columnist and how the editor of that magazine sees Rhonda writing that column for at least 20 years!

I just had to get a photo of DH in front of the shop

Hanno kindly agreed to having a photo taken with me. He then chatted with me while DH went to get the car. 


Tanya said...

That Hanno seems a good sort. I've noticed him often being accommodating in photos and supporting Rhonda. Great to see an independent book shop thriving too and good to see you supporting them.

Claud said...

What a nice treat to meet Rhonda and Hanno in person! I'm jealous. I've been reading Rhonda's blog for a few years now and her knowledge has inspired me many times.

Linn said...

Lucky you! It must be lovely to meet a blogging friend like Rhonda. Love the photos! I'm sure you will enjoy her book.