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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Knit and Natter...

Last week I was contacted by the organiser of Knitting for Brisbane's Needy and asked if I could pick up some donations that had been offered to the group from someone in the next suburb to mine. I rang Mary, the donor, last night and organised to pick up the items this morning. Once again I was 'blown away' by the generosity of a fellow knitter.
Mary used to sell her hand-knitted garments at markets but in more recent times she had found that at 79 years old, a day at the markets was too tiring. Added to that, she wasn't selling very much either. I had detoured to pick up the items on the way to a Knit and Natter at Albany Creek Library. We were just so impressed with how lovely the items were when I unpacked the box. I arranged them on the table so I could photograph them for the K4BN Facebook page and our Forum. As you can see in the photos, the garments ranged from baby to toddlers to older children's sizes and even one adult cardigan; all beautifully knitted and finished.

At the K&N this morning I worked on my latest 'secret project'. The other ladies were interested in the slipstitch pattern I was using and after demonstrating how it's done, I got some requests for copies of the pattern. I discovered slipstitch patterns in the 1980s and love them just as much today as I did then. You can produce some pretty effective designs with very little effort. Helen, one of the ladies there today plans to experiment with this design and using cotton yarn. The photo below is the back of this latest project, showing the horizontal slipping of stitches. This project should be finished by the end of this week ready to be posted to the recipient. Then I'll 'reveal all' on this blog! :-)

Eduardo now has a rug of his own to snuggle into on colder nights. This slipstitch rug was made in the 1980's but Eddie doesn't mind that it's


kaiteM said...

Beautiful garments made by that knitter, she was very generous. Your cat looks very happy on his slip stitch rug, he reminds me of one of my former cats.
I've done a bit of slip stitch too, it makes a lovely pattern, quite intriguing.

Maria said...

What a wonderful lady to donate so many lovely knits. I am sure they will be muchly appreciated.
Oh I remember the slip stitch. I used knit jumpers for my kids like that. I called it "Rabbit Ears".

Becky said...

WOW ! Those donated items are amazing. And your Eddie looks quite content there on his very own rug.

Susan said...

I'm amazed at all the work that's been put into those donated items. They're beautiful.
You've definitely got my attention with the slipstitch knitting Maria. Eduardo's rug is quite striking with its bold design! He looks quite content :D)

pat burke said...

How do you do the rabbit ears pattern. I remember this from my childhood but cant remember how it is done. Thanks in advance x