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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea; 'Sisters of Stitch' style

This morning tea event is held every year to raise funds for Cancer research etc. Private individuals, work places, groups etc host the morning tea and collect donations as well as raffle items to raise more funds. My craft group, Sisters of Stitch, hosted a 'biggest morning tea' except it was an afternoon tea :-)

Just about everyone brought along a plate of food but I didn't think to take a photo of the spread; but believe me there was a stack of food! I ended up having some unexpected visitors this morning so that left me with little time to make something. But I used an old recipe that I used to use when my children were little and I needed something quick and easy to take to playgroup. I'll share the recipe next Monday on the 'Make-Grow- Thrift' feature.

My contribution to the afternoon tea, still in the bar tin and tied up in a teatowel just like we would bring home our cooking when I did Domestic Science at school

So we worked on our craft for an hour or so, then we had some raffle draws. There were lots of prizes but today I wasn't in the winners' circle.

Morag was the first winner; she chose the quilted knee rug to give to her MIL who has just gone into a nursing home

After the prize draws, our organiser Judie declared that it was afternoon tea time. Then it was back to crafting and chatting until 4. One of my particular friends, Richelle,  had come back recently from a quilting tour of the US centred on the Paducah Show, so we wanted to hear of all her adventures.

Today we also had a birthday to celebrate; Katrina turns 50 tomorrow :-)
The box for donations sitting amongst the remains of the afternoon tea spread

And the donations' tin


Susan said...

A most worthy cause and, by the looks of the table, it was groaning with goodies!

Becky said...

OH your stitch group outings always sound like so much fun! Thank You for sharing about them.