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Monday, May 28, 2012

A new adventure looms...

Today is DH's birthday. Tonight the family will gather at a local restaurant to celebrate. The girls decided a few weeks ago that 'going out' would be better for DH and I as there would be no cleaning up needed. Because tomorrow morning the two of us are flying to Melbourne. At Melbourne airport we are picking up a hire car and then driving to Bendigo.

Bendigo is an old gold mining town and it has a thriving Arts scene. DH knew that I wanted to see the Grace Kelly Clothing Exhibition which is in a gallery in the town. So he organised it all, and using some of our frequent flyer points, it will be quite an economical holiday break. There is lots to see and do in this area of Victoria and DH and I plan to make the most of our time down there. Naturally I'll write about our adventures in this blog, so stay tuned! lol

My neighbour Judy is going to give us a lift to the airport ...

She is also going to feed Eduardo

And water the tomato plant which has flowers

Collect the orders for the Church pie drive next Monday, and put the items in our freezer

She's a wonderful neighbour isn't she?

I've also packed a bag of knitting ready to take away. I will make a start on my entry into our Parish Art Show as to my horror, I realised today that the show is only 4 1/2 weeks away!!

The laptop is packed ready and DH organised a USB internet connection which is great because travelling in Australia, internet access can be expensive or you have to queue to use communal computers. So we'll have our own just in case. (I've always been a bit wary of the free WiFi in public places)

'Mitzi Micra' is also having a holiday. DD2 is going to borrow 'her' while I'm away.

I still have to pack my warmest clothes into the suitcase. We have been warned that it is very cold in Victoria at the moment. Sounds like a lot of fun! As well as sightseeing, we will catch up with family as well :-)


Dorothy said...

Ummm .. you didn't mention anything about visiting the Bendigo Woollen Mills !!!! Enjoy your holiday. xoxox

angela said...

Yes pack lots of winter woollies its freezing down here and bendigo is always so cold! Enjoy your trip I can't wait to see the photos