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Friday, May 18, 2012

A morning out...

This morning DH attended a retirement function for a former colleague. This morning tea was held in Cleveland which is to the south of Brisbane. The other day I thought that it would be a good idea for me to go with him and then spend a leisurely couple of hours wandering around the township of Cleveland while he 'partied' with his former workmates.

DH had organised to give a lift to 2 other former colleagues who were also attending the function. Both of these friends live to the north of us; one in Bald Hills and the other in Brackenridge. So we headed off to pick them up and then got on to the Gateway Motorway which goes from north of Brisbane, towards the airport, over the river and then well into the southern suburbs and eventually links up with the M1 to the Gold Coast. Traffic does not have to go through the city which is good in this day and age.

Work being done to create a new runway at Brisbane Airport

As usual I had my camera and took photos throughout the morning.

Coming toward the Gateway bridge

What a hill on the bridge; allows large ships to navigate up the river

Downhill run to the other side of the Gateway Bridge

Our journey now goes through Capalaba which has huge shopping complexes

I spent a lovely 2 hours strolling around the streets of Cleveland. I checked out a few shops but only bought things in 'Crazy Clark's'. It was yarn of course, that I bought :-). I sat in a little park and did some knitting that I had with me. It was a popular little spot with the locals too. Also I stopped at the Coffee Club and had a cup of coffee and a slice of raisin toast.

DH had suggested that I take the car down to the beach part of Cleveland , but I had run out of time. So when the 'boys' were ready to go, we all went to check out the beach and my favourite part of Cleveland...the old lighthouse. I loved it when I was a child and first saw it. It was saved from demolition a number of years ago and moved and rebuilt in a different spot. So it just wasn't me who loved it!

'My' lighthouse lol

Looking out from Cleveland Point; there are a number of islands offshore with the largest being Stradbroke Is
I'm so glad that I spent the morning how and where I did. the weather was gorgeous and the surroundings were too!

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Dorothy said...

I also enjoyed your day out. I lived in Brisbane many many years ago and wow, have things changed. Haven't been to Cleveland but it looks like a pretty place. Nice pics. xoxox