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Monday, May 21, 2012


Is it Monday again already? So once again I'm joining in with Jodie's feature. This week is actually a followup to my last Monday's post. Last week I wrote about tidying up the weed infested area under my front stairs. After I removed the weeds, I planted the area in a most frugal way...from cuttings of syngoniums and division of some bromeliads, so the cost was nil :-) 

Now I felt the area needed mulching to prevent weeds taking hold again before the new plants spread out. I hesitated to use mulch as it was so close to the house and termites are a problem in Brisbane suburbs. Once again a fellow blogger gave me some wonderful information. Sue wrote in the comments that cypress mulch is not attractive to termites; it repels them!

So on my next visit to Bunnings (our 2 local nurseries did not survive the drought and the GFC, so Bunnings is my closest nursery) I checked out the mulches. Sure enough they had a couple of different brands of bagged cypress mulch. So this afternoon I got to work and spread it around the new plants. So thank you Sue for letting me know about the cypress mulch!


Susan said...

Your plantings look great with the mulch Maria. I'm a fan of bromeliads. I think that's beaut how we can all get together via our blogs and pass on information. That's a really good tip about cypress mulch, thanks Sue from me as well :D)

chrisartist said...

I didn't know about Cypress mulch. Great tip.
I love to divide plants.

Linn said...

Hi Maria,

Thanks for the tip on the mulch. My sister lives in Brisbane so I will let her know about the cypress mulch! This is what I love about find lots of very useful info from your blogging friends!

Anonymous said...

You very welcome Maria and I'm glad I could help you and others. Now that garden does look completed. Sue

Jodie @ The Haby Goddess said...

That is so handy to know Maria. Unfortunately we had a termite problem a few years back and it is definitely something you should take precautions to avoid.