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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Technically Eduardo is my DD2's cat but he's lived with DH and I for most of his 10 1/2 years. He's quite a fussy eater though and 'turns his nose up' at fresh raw meat, cooked meat, plain tinned food with fish etc etc. Last week I found myself in the supermarket going through the shelves of tinned cat food to replenish the supplies. He actually prefers the brand 'Kitekat' at the moment but the supermarket had none of that brand. He doesn't eat plain brand so that left the Whiskas brand. I spent ages going through each variety of Whiskas...rejecting the 'loaf style' ones, any with sardines in, any that had been found to be too mushy etc. Finally I selected a few cans and then went on to quickly finish the rest of the shopping. DH had just watched me picking over all the tins...shook his head and said...'he's only a cat for heaven's sake' and he's right of course. I do spoil Eduardo.
Eduardo helping me in the garden

A bit of male bonding

I wrote a post a little while ago about magpies stealing dry cat food from Eduardo's bowl which is on the veranda. Ah hah! So we moved his bowl inside; problem solved? no! This morning I was working at the computer when I heard a sound of something tapping metal. Yep! It was 2 magpies who had come inside the house looking for the bowl obviously. You have got to admire their intelligence. But I don't think that will help them to open the screen door which will now be shut .

The clever family of magpies that think we built the veranda for them


Becky said...

That is SO FUNNY! Our first cat, Sonny would only eat Fancy Feast and it had to come out perfect from the cat... no sliced varieties please. LOL... He was such a sweet cat... I still miss him but he lived 17 years for us and gave us and our son so much love and comfort.

Claud said...

He's definitely CC's long lost brother - :-)!

Lea White said...

Maybe you should invent mouse flavoured cat food then I bet you'll solve all the fussy cat problems out there :-)