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Friday, May 25, 2012

A correction needed in a knitting pattern...

Earlier this week I wrote a post on knitting and included  a pattern here. My lovely 'test knitter', Susan has already used the pattern and pointed out a possible typo in Row 8. In the pattern I had written that there should be 3 stitches left at the end of the row after patterning. It should be only 2 left. This is what it should have read; it is now corrected in the original post :-) 

8th row: Using C p1,sl 1,p4, * sl 2, p 4: rep from * to last 2 sts, sl 1, p 1.

Thanks Susan, for the feedback and it's good to hear that you are enjoying incorporating the design into your knitting.
 Last night, the organisers of the monthly challenges for K4BN announced the June Challenge which will run in the 1st weekend of June. Most of us cheat and start the week before though! lol
We have 2 choices; either kitten blankets for Animal Angels in Toowoomba or items for 'humans' to help replenish the supplies of winter woollies. We've again run out of rugs/blankets, 'indigenous' colours' items and adult jumpers and vests. So I guess I'll plug on with sewing donated squares together into blankets  (which I really enjoy) but I will make some kitten rugs (60cm square) as well.

Today in Brisbane, we had the Homeless Connect Day and all 3000 items taken by K4BN to the event, were given out. When they arrived with boxes and boxes of winter woollies, the volunteers thought that they had brought too much and that they would be packing a lot up to bring home. Not the case. Karen, the organiser was also asked for dog coats and the group has some in reserve but not at the Exhibition ground today.

I went out on another pick up on behalf of the group earlier today. This time it was a lovely lot of sewn items.  

(Another) Maria holding up some lovely cuddle blankets that she had sewed
Maria also had made lots of drawstring bags in children's fabrics

Maria has recently retired and was keen to become involved with helping the less fortunate. She has done some knitting but prefers to sew and her donations are beautifully made. I know Maria through my SIL, they both went to All Hallows (school here in Brisbane) and are still friends all these years later. I decided to take her a bunch of flowers as a thank you for some items that she made as gifts to me. You know how you might do something but not think it very special? That's how I felt about this bunch of supermarket flowers. Maria's reaction was anything but ho hum. She was just so pleased/excited; she said that she has very rarely got flowers but her daughters regularly get given bunches of flowers. So her joy at something so simple really made my day!


Linn said...

Its the little things that you do for others that can make a big difference to peoples lives - A kind word, a smile or a bunch of supermarket flowers. I think that the work you are doing to help people is just so wonderful Maria!

Susan said...

I'm thrilled with your help (via email too Maria... especially when you were on your way out for your charity work).
My goodness, 3000 items - what an incredible amount. It must have been beaut to see how they all went too.
Loved the story of your friend Maria and all the items she makes and that was such a lovely act on your part with her gift of flowers ... puts a smile in everyones' day! Cheers for now :D)