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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ouch, still sore!

Yep! my right shoulder and arm are still really sore today after my pruning work on Tuesday. As luck would have it, I already had an appointment with Desley, my 'Bowen Lady' today. She was able to concentrate on the problem areas and now nearly 5 hours after the treatment I can feel an improvement, albeit small. I've promised to not do any more pruning with the long handled loppers until the pain goes. Desley actually recommended that I use a pruning saw for the thicker 'bits' or get DH to cut them.

So no knitting or sewing today, just a bit of reading and internet surfing/trolling for fabric with motor bikes on to make some storybook bags. I realised though that I don't need patchwork fabric necessarily, so next week I'll check out 'East Coast Fabrics' and maybe even Spotlight.

The Census work for DH finished officially yesterday. The trucks collecting the boxes of materials started on that job today but they won't be at our place till next Wednesday. So then the second bedroom can become a guest room again! I've taken over the third bedroom as my sewing room and the 4th bedroom is where the computer and printer reign supreme!

Even the bed is covered with census 'stuff'!

DH is now getting started on his next contract. This time he will be the Returning Officer for the state electorate of Everton. No one has any idea of when the election will be called (except maybe the Premier herself) but ROs have been authorised to rent office premises from October 1 until the end of April next year. That's what DH is looking for now, a suitable office space in the electorate.

Tomorrow will be another relaxing day for me as well. A friend ( we've been friends since the mid 1970s) is coming over in the morning and then we're heading off to a (fairly) local cafe called 'Cafe Urbano' for lunch. Tricia is a teacher but is on 2 weeks long service leave which she is using to help get her house ready for sale. Exciting times for her!

One of the friendly 'faces' at Cafe Urbano


Maria said...

Hope your shoulder is better soon and you can do your craft.

Claud said...

I'm sorry you're still hurting. You must have worked too hard :-(. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your outing with your friend :-)!