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Friday, September 2, 2011

On my mind...another item finished

Today, being Friday, means that I'm joining in with Rhonda Jean's  Down to earth  Friday feature, "On my mind'. On my mind today is a feeling of accomplishment. Two finishes!

At the end of July, I wrote a post  here about getting inspiration from some balls of yarn I took home from a Knit and Natter session of K4BN. A photo that accompanied the post showed about 3 inches of a new throw that I was knitting for the charity. I finished the knitting just over a week ago but didn't get on to the finishing off details until yesterday. But now it's all ready to hand in on Monday at the Scarborough Knit and Natter group. I enjoyed working with colours that are a bit different to those I normally 'gravitate' to. On Monday I also have another throw to hand my favourite colours!

It looks the same as all the other ones I've made because of the similar colours! lol

I have been 'auditioning' yarns for a new and special project that I'm starting. I'm going to be a bit secretive at the moment about this project but promise to 'tell all' when it's completed! lol  It won't be that old quickknit favourite of mine...the  2 row garter stitch chevron; although I'll probably have one of those 'on the go' in the next few weeks in case a raffle is needed for the church Christmas craft market later in the year :-) .


Claud said...

They look amazingly beautiful!

Becky said...


Sue said...

You're a very clever lady, Maria.

Susan said...

The colours are brilliant, and the chevron pattern is so striking :D)

Maria said...

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments!