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Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm grateful because...

I 'stumbled across'  (thanks to Carol!) a blogger who is hosting a 'I'm grateful' feature here. (Lioness lady) I have many things that I'm grateful for but something which happened this morning made me 'do a little dance of joy'! Doing my regular watering of my veggie patches and pots this morning, lugging full watering cans from the tank to the gardens...I noticed something peeping out of the soil near one of the potato plants.

Yes! It was a potato and luckily the light hadn't caused it to go green. I felt around and found more. I know there are lots more further down but they can stay there for now. I am just so grateful that I'm able to have a garden, that we were able to have tanks installed a number of years ago before town water became quite expensive, especially for watering gardens. I love the flowering trees and shrubs in my garden but there is something so special about growing food. I still remember when I grew corn and pineapples as a little girl...I still get that feeling of 'magic' when the crops mature :-) .


Naturally Carol said...

Hi Maria..glad you stumbled across the 'Gratitude' linky party..usually hosted by Maxabella! Did you know that little red potatoes have some chemical under their skin that is quite good for diabetics? They look very tasty being home grown too..yum!

jody said...

I would be very grateful if i had those lovely potatoes in my garden! good work! :)