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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Old recipes...

A little while ago Tanya, from Suburban Jubiliee blog, wrote a post on a recipe that her mum used to make here. Sometimes I can forget what day it is, but there was something about that recipe that stirred the memories. I went out to the kitchen drawer where I store a few of my smaller recipe books and also lots of loose pages etc cut out of magazines and newspapers over the years. Deeper and deeper into the drawer I went and there, almost at the very bottom of the drawer, was the recipe torn out of a 'vintage' Woman's Day. Tanya, and possibly her mum, had added their own touches to the recipe and definitely improved it. The original recipe had won the White Wings  Bake Off in 1971. Yes I have kept it that long. I think I only made it a few times and that would have been in the 1970s. Growing up eating Italian style food, I found the recipe  a bit bland...but that was then...
'Try it tonight and make your husband feel like a king'! Yes it says that!!!
So after that little wander down Memory Lane I thought that I would make the dish called 'Husband's Hasty Tasty Pie' again. I had defrosted a batch of my pasta sauce (with meat) and it was too much for the one meal. So I decided to use the left over mince mixture to make the HHT pie.  I added a selection of chopped and steamed vegetables, used Tanya's idea of using the cheeses and the herbs in the pastry rolls, put it all together and voila! a quick and easy meal.

Veggie selection added to the mince mixture

Just out of the oven


Tanya said...

Looks delicious....don't you just feel warm and fuzzy all over now. I'm really glad you shared that old recipe piece. I think it is wonderful that we rediscover these bits hey?

Humble wife said...

Hi Maria-thank you for your kind words after reading my comment on D2E.

I am adding you to my following list(I do so anonymously) so I can visit with another that is likeminded!

I have a cupboard with recipes dating back to my early years of marriage too and think that this recipe you posted looks tasty!

I have a thought on this post~isn't funny when we take a second look upon something that our memory is not quite as strong or adamant as it once was? We could have this with foods, friends or even moments that were horrific at the time, that now once we have lived a bit realize that that moment may have been good as it was a defining moment.

May you have a lovely September and I will return!!
New Mexico, USA