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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another new blog...

This year I was thrilled to be 'found' by an ex-pupil on Facebook. Olga's sisters, Lilliana and Gabrielle were also on FB and I was able to find out lots of things that had happened to the family since the 1970s. The family lived in the house across the street from my childhood home but only my mother lived there by the time this young family moved in. (I talked about the previous owner of their house in this post and how kind she had been to me as a girl). The family eventually moved to Tasmania (Devonport area) where they remain today, including Olga's, now elderly, parents. We would have had more people to visit last year when we had our holiday in Tassie, if we had have known that the family was there.

Olga and her husband have a dream. They are re-fitting a bus into a motorhome-type vehicle and preparing to go travelling in the bus; what an adventure lies ahead of them! Olga talked about writing a blog to chronicle the fit-out of the bus and then the subsequent journeys, and finally this week she started posting. It is an enjoyable read and I recommend it :-) Following our Dream  I particularly loved the photo of Horatio the dog in one of the posts!!

I hope you don't mind Olga, but I've 'pinched' a couple of your photos to give readers a little preview...

The bus before it was delivered

Terry working on the re-fit

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