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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More bits and pieces of knitting...

Today I had great plans to cut out some long hexagons to take along to Sisters of Stitch in the afternoon. Instead I filled up the morning, wandering around Bunnings (a huge hardware store), selecting a pruning saw, some heavy black plastic bags, as well as checking out the plants. I ended up buying some cucumber and zucchini seedlings, a kniphofia (aka red hot poker plant) and 2 gladiola bulbs. But the thing that took up most of the morning was getting 2 prescriptions made up at the took ages!!!!

Luckily I still had my 'craft' bag packed since Monday night's Knit and Natter session at Yarn Over so I took that instead. I buttered some slices of cinnamon loaf to take as a contribution to afternoon tea...and left them at home on the kitchen bench. I'll turn those slices into a 'bread and butter pudding' tomorrow, so all is not lost! lol

So today, instead of starting on a long hexagon project, I continued with my 'kite-shaped/quadrilaterals' off and on knitting project. That means I work on them just every now and again. This is the second project I've done with these shapes...the first I started when my girls were very little and I finally finished sewing them all together, about 7 years ago. I started the new throw at the beginning of this year so it could take a while based on my past history!

The first one I made

The pattern was originally published in the Australian Women's Weekly in 1972 and I put it aside then as something that I might do someday. Probably the mid 80s was when I first got around to starting it. I followed the pattern but decided that shapes only just over 3 inches (7.5cm) would take 'forever' to make into a throw/rug. So I added more stitches...30 instead of 24 at the cast-on edge.

When I started knitting the shapes at the beginning of this year I decided to make them bigger again; this time casting on 40 stitches! 

left hand side, the latest size, middle is the previous project's motif size, right hand side, the original sized motif!
There's a long way to go as I've only made 15 motifs at this stage! Guess what colours I'm using? Mmmm...yes that's right...blues, purples, teal greens etc or my favourite colours! :-)

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Maria said...

WOW Love it and it does look warm and cuddley