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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The cat's birthday...

By 2004, DH and I had quite a menagerie; all animals that needed a home for various reasons. We had Ozzie, the dog and the cats, Merlin, Paolina (Lina) and Eduardo. Now we have just Eduardo or Eduardo Phillipe to give him his full name. Today is Eddie's 10th what is his story?

In 2001, DD2 and I were living in a little rented house. In September 2000 I had searched for a rental property that would allow us to have pets. We'd been forced to leave our 2 tabbies behind and I had hoped to reclaim them when we found suitable accomodation. 'Nice' places usually don't allow pets so we ended up renting a more rundown property which was freshly painted inside and had excellent not so bad after all. Then DD2's father decided not to let us take the cats. We missed not having a pet!
In September 2001, at a suggestion from a workmate, I 'adopted' a mature cat called Angus from the 'Paddington Cat Practice' other words a rescue cat. He settled in well but then a few days before Christmas that year, I found him dying under the mango tree in the backyard. I bundled him up and raced to the vet but he died in the car. The vet suspected poisoning which is a terrible thought.

In late January 2002, DD1 rang to say that she had seen a cat who looked like a beloved cat we used to own, Holly who was tortoiseshell and white. It was in a nearby pet shop. DD2 and I went to meet DD1 at the shop and have a look at the kitten. I would have bought her in a flash but this kitten was for DD2 to replace Angus and she didn't want the little female.

DD1, aged 2, with our beloved Holly

She said she didn't want a cat but if she did, she wanted ...'the ugly one'! We went and did some grocery shopping and then went back to buy the 'ugly one'. (he wasn't and isn't ugly!!!) At the time DD2 was going out with a Colombian boy and was in what I call her 'Spanish phase' so that's how he ended up with the name, Eduardo Phillipe.

Late 2002 we all moved into where I live now as we were housesitting while the future DH completed a 3 month tour of duty in PNG with Ausaid. Then in September 2003, DD2 married and moved into accomodation where pets were not allowed. So DH and I have cared for him and now he's the only one. He's a very vocal cat...quite a strident meeow in fact! I love the way he 'chats' to me and also the way he runs to meet the car when it pulls up. Happy birthday Eddie, we hope you have lots more. (recently Eddie needed vet treatment; the vet described him as way!)

When DH is away, Eddie can be naughty; here he jumped up on the table to get a scratch behind the ears .


Maria said...

Happy Birthday Eddie and I hope you have lots more.

Humble wife said...

I agree~here's to many more years for you Eddie!

May you have a bowl full of fish and scratches behind your ears all the days of your life!