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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Don't be happy!

I find out a lot of things about family and friends on FaceBook, which I guess is a sign of the times. Last night I discovered that my former son in law is now 'In a relationship'. I should have been happy for him. I had grown to love him as a son and he had been part of our family get togethers for quite a few years. He came into my DD1's life when they were both 16. At their wedding eight years later he had made the most lovely speech paying tribute to me and calling me 'Mum'...oh how I 'glowed' after that speech.

In happier times...

But they parted after less than 4 years of marriage ...I grieved for my 'lost son'. I missed him being at family dinners. I wished that both of them could find daughter came back home to live for a while. I still 'kept open the lines of communication' and tried to be impartial. Eventually the couple divorced and property was divided.

When I read his status on FB, I felt a tinge of sadness for what might have been...That feeling has stayed with me today even though my rational side knows that I should be rejoicing for him...he has another chance at happiness; maybe even start a family as he turned 30 in August. I hope he is experiencing feelings of unbridled joy and deep love for his new lady. And me? As my children would say...'Mum, get over it!'

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Susan said...

I can understand how easy it would be to feel as you do, given the same circumstances.