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Friday, September 23, 2011

A Friday night for family time...

What a lovely relaxed evening I had last night. We shared lots of laughs and 'old stories' and enjoyed some simple food together. Poor DD1however; she had had the day off work due to a 'tummy bug' that had hit suddenly. She came along but was only able to stay a short time :-( before she went home to bed. DD2 had a similar bug last week which also 'knocked her around' quite a bit.

DD1 second from the right

The cooking crew...note the apprentice second on the left! lol

We had a surprise guest; DsD1 was babysitting this gorgeous little man while his parents went out. Unfortunately she had to take him back! lol

DD2 cutting her cake
I blew out the candle on DD1's cake last night on her behalf . We ate just under half of the large slab cake and the other half is in the freezer for her to collect next time she's over. hee hee...most of us ate a piece of both cakes!!!
I rang DD1 this morning...she's feeling a lot better but just has aching legs and that 'washed out' feeling. Hopefully she is well and truly on the mend!

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