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Thursday, June 14, 2012

You're probably sick of Victoria, but....

On our last night in Melbourne, DH and I went to the theatre.

All of our girls and Karl gave him some cash for his recent birthday with the instruction that he and I use the money to go to a show while in Melbourne. DH chose 'Moon Shadow' which was at the lovely old Princess Theatre. Before the show we had another wonderful meal in a pub just near the theatre. (None of the places where we ate during our short holiday disappointed)

'Moon Shadow' is a musical based on the music of Cat Stevens/Jusef Islam and is a fantasy. There was some magnificent singers in the cast who were accompanied by some terrific musicians. The lighting and stage effects really added to the fantasy. Being in this old theatre reminded me of how the lovely old theatres in Brisbane have been demolished whereas Melbourne has a number of old restored theatre buildings...differing values of those in power over the decades I guess.

On the morning of the day we left Melbourne, DH and I spent some time at the Victoria Markets. When I first went to these markets in the early 1970s, I loved them. But now there is a 'sameness' about all the stalls. Of course that's not the case in the fresh produce and food sections...these are still amazing!

After the markets we headed off on the freeway towards the airport. It was time to head home. Just to finish off this post, here are some random photos of Melbourne as we headed towards the freeway from the Markets.

Tomorrow night is this month's FNSI. I hope to get lots done !


ozgrkdn said...

I'm enjoy your travel to Australia.
Especially the sea cabinets, theatres and the old ships came to me very interesting.I'm watching you enjoy.

Susan said...

Never sick of Victoria! So glad you enjoyed your visit. I enjoyed reading about where you went :D)