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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Old photos...

One task I set myself when I retired was to sort through photos. In the last year I've worked on this task in 'fits and starts' and the project is still very much a 'work in progress'. However I have made an online album of my mother and her family. I made a digital album to represent 60 years of my life last year, I also had negatives scanned and put on to a CD from my mum's old box brownie camera and my first little camera. At the moment I'm collating old photos of my father to make another online album for the family.

It's a funny thing...but when you look at old photos, you sometimes find things or people that you hadn't really noticed before. Last week I copied a photo from my 40th Garden Party, for my mum's god daughter. Obviously both she and my late mother are in the photo. However all these years later I realised that my friend Lorraine's mother, Peggy, was also in the photo. (as well as my friend Tricia) Peggy has since died, so it was poignant for my friend that I sent that photo via email to her.

My mum in the striped top 'holding court' and Peggy in the red to her right . Mum's god daughter is on the left of the photo

A few years ago I was sorting old school photos of mine to add to the Facebook page of my old school. (I was a student and later a teacher there) I saw a familiar face in a crowd shot taken at the 75th celebrations in 1979. I checked with DH whether I was correct. You see I thought it was his mother in the crowd...and it was. Not only his mother but his nephew and niece were with her as well. (DH and his 3 brothers had all gone to the same school)  By the time I met DH, his mother had died, so I had never met her. I recognised her from family photos.

Robin, the president of the P&C is escorting the then governor, Sir James Ramsay to the dais. I've drawn a line around DH's mother and 2 of her  grandchildren.
Finally, I found some photos of me modelling jumpers that I knitted in the early 1970s. I had started work in 1971 and I remember the wonderful feeling it was to be able to afford enough wool to make a garment. I don't seem to wear much in the way of jumpers any more; I find them a bit hot here in Queensland nowadays.
This jumper was knitted in an English yarn, Sirdar Fontein Crepe

This jumper was knitted in Sirdar Octo
ha ha! I remembered the yarns that I used. English yarns were very popular then and stocked by the major department stores. These 2 yarns were not itchy/scratchy like some of the wool that my mum used to knit items for me when I was a child. The variety of yarns today is quite 'intoxicating'! So many lovely yarns to lust over! lol


Mary said...

Nice photo trip down memory the jumpers of past years. That shows your talent to knit and stay with a project! Mary

Mary said...

PS Please come see my blog, join me if you like. I, too, am a teacher, still in, yet, thinking about when to not be an every day going to worker. Haa ahaa. Not yet.

Mary said...

Here I am again. I repaired my email address, it is Thanks for alerting me. I was trying to get an updated email...and drop the info part. It did not work and I forgot I had changed the listing on my profile. Thanks, Mary.