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Friday, June 15, 2012


For once, I was organised for Friday Night Sew In. And what a difference that can make! lol
A few weeks back a friend gave me a Size 2 tracksuit and a similar sized top which she had had in her cupboard. I washed them and last night I embroidered some flowers on both tops. These items have now been handed to Karen (from K4BN) to give to a family with a little girl who need a 'helping hand'. 

Last night I also used some of the Christmas fabric that the same friend had given me. I made a pillow case as a sample to show the other ladies in the sewing bee group that I attend 2 Wednesday nights per month. This group is working on items for our parish's Twilight Markets in September. I have been given lots of Christmas fabrics and pillowcases have the potential to  use lots of it (so I'm not storing it :-/)

The border fabric was in long thin strips; plenty to cut a 1/4 yard strip.

Then the last project I worked on last night was to continue making crocheted squares of 15 inches in indigenous colours. The knitting group I belong to received an SOS from a social worker asking for blankets in those colours for some of her 'clients'. The group has only just  distributed items at 2 events in the last few weeks and the 'cupboard' is quite bare. So a group of us have volunteered to knit or crochet these squares and 2 ladies have offered to sew these into blankets. Because I'm working on another largish project at the moment, I'm just aiming to get just 1 square done per day. The colours are red, yellow/gold and black. I'll work on the black ones in day time I think.


Tanya said...

Home and back into the swing of things!

Maria said...

It is sew nice to make things for folk who really need them. Good on ya Maria.

Susan said...

aw, I think that's so nice - those little embroidered flowers on the tops. A lovely addition!