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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Around the garden...

It's been raining for most of this week and the plants are just loving it!
The girls and Karl (the fiance) gave me Bunnings' gift cards for my birthday last month and I bought another raised garden bed. There was enough money left over to also buy bagged compost, garden soil, potting mixture, bagged manure and some vegie seedlings! The photo above was taken just after we put the metal sides together and put some old potting mix in the bottom of the bed. The plants in the bed were already in the vegie patch that we had in this space but the old patch was only half the size of the new bed.

This little bird came to check things out...

Some planting started

When we came back from Victoria, I started planting out the new bed. Since I took this photo, I've planted  some more carrots, some silverbeet and 2 zucchini plants. A seed potato that I planted before we went away has also come up since then. 

A tub of potatoes...

The last of the autumn leaves on the crepe myrtle

The camelia plant near the back steps

One of the day lillies in the front garden...
fruit on the lillypilly ( a plant native to Australia)
Luckily the white on the leaves is not powdery's tomato dust
Marigolds and another variety of lillypilly

A vine like plant originally given to me by a friend who grew it from seed.

New Zealand Christmas Bush or metrosideros excelsus
So what is happening in your garden now?


Sue said...

My vegies are also loving this rain. Potatoes, garlic, carrots, tomatoes are getting a good soak. Peas are nearly ready to pick. Unfortunately maybe to much wet for my strawberries. Herbs are lush and green. Also heading to the nursery on the weekend to start planning for my summer crop.

Dorothy said...

Love the idea of the raised garden - didn't know Bunnings sold them. Can you tell me how high you can get them? Higher the better for me as I have dodgy hips and a bad back.

Linn said...

We love our raised garden beds especially as Mr E suffers from back problems from time to time. It's taken a while to get the soil right but now it's teaming with lot's of worms so must be quite 'nutritious'!

Susan said...

A great gift idea, the raised beds.
I also enjoyed the look around your garden. Your Lilly Pilly is, of course, far more advanced than ours down here, but they're lovely trees aren't they. The flowers of the New Zealand Christmas Bush are quite stunning :D)