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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ballarat, Victoria...

Ballarat is just an amazing city! The buildings are just so impressive and so well looked after. It of course was an extremely wealthy city because of the gold discoveries.

The Ballarat Railway station

It is well known for the ‘Eureka Rebellion’, (Dec 3, 1854) where the gold miners rebelled against the high price of gold licences imposed by the government. These licences had to be paid in advance and when you think that many miners did not find much gold at all, and that the government offered little in the way of ‘services’ or value for money of the cost of the licences, it’s probably no wonder that these prospectors rebelled.

The site of the troopers camp

DH and I walked and drove along the Eureka Trail from where the troopers (police) were camped in Lydiard St, to where the police were joined by soldiers to finally to the place where the miners were ‘holed up’ in their makeshift ‘Eureka Stockade’. ( the miners had built this fort in November) It was a bloodbath; the miners didn’t stand a chance. Their numbers were few and the soldiers and police attacked them from all sides. Many miners were killed. However, because of the rebellion, there were changes in the Victorian parliament which have been called the beginnings of democracy in Australia. Unfortunately the end of the trail (the site of the stockade) is a building site as a large visitor’s centre is being built. It will feature interactive displays and lots more ...but we were too’s not finished yet! J

DH and I also walked around the war memorial and the Botanical Gardens in Ballarat. The gardens have a very special walkway which is lined with the busts of Australian Prime Ministers. Julia’s is not there yet.
Memorial honouring those who fought in all the wars up to the Korean
A view of the Botanical Gardens

DH with Gough Whitlam

With Kevin, a fellow Qlder
Another memorial to all serviceman and women

A Triumph Arch built to celebrate the end of WW1

The historical tram

Street scene in Ballarat


Becky said...

WHat a fun day you had... AGAIN! It all looks so amazing; I just told Scott I want to visit Australia one day.

Mary said...

This is a lovely post. It tells me much about the place. And I see many other posts..very active of you. Thanks for sharing...I am you latest new member. I am Mary and you are Maria? (My sis calls me Maria sometimes, and it is fun.)

Susan said...

Hi Maria, Ballarat has such beautiful buildings - I loved your photos. It's been a few years since we were there and so it was interesting to see it through your eyes. It's beaut when cities preserve their history.