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Monday, June 25, 2012

The colour green...

I'm again joining in with Evi over at Sister Sun for a bit of fun with the colour green.

Posing with Shrek and the Gingerbread Man

When Eduardo's pet carrier is stored away, I put it in a green plastic bag.  In this photo it's on the veranda ready for a visit to the vet

A set of cushions I made in 1981 for an art show

Part of the miniature village, Cockington Green in Canberra 

View from the Skyrail, Cairns to Kuranda

Knitted washer to match a set of towels for one of our girls

Some of our pea crop last year

An old green glass bowl that belonged to my mother
One of the 'older Diggers' at our local ANZAC ceremony

I used a lot of greens in this project

Another quirky sign in a toilet on one of our travels

Some of our vegie garden last year

A lovely green plate I bought in NZ, carried it around on holidays then dropped it as I unwrapped it at home :-/ DH glued it back together
fresh basil leaves in the mini chopper


Tanya said...

My favourite is the face washer and towel set. Good broad selection Maria.

DEB said...

Love the peas and the old diggers.

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

we need that flush sign at our house! I just adore green glass, what a special bowl.

Fairyluver said...

Those tomatoes are a beautiful green color. You have such a great green selection of photos!!
So funny you included Shrek...I added the green M&

Becky said...

I'm so glad your DH could repair the little dish as it is adorable!

Sue said...

Love the green. MMMMM fresh peas ours are nearly ready to pick.

Lea White said...

Great photos of all things green :-)

Susan said...

Love your green collection Maria. Oh my goodness, can imagine how you must have felt dropping that lovely plate... thank goodness for glue - and your DH! :D)

Karen Traversy said...