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Friday, June 1, 2012

An unexpected visitor...

The other night I was doing a session on my exercise bike. The bike is on the verandah so I look out over the side gardens. I gradually became aware of a 'shape' that appeared to be sitting on top of the garden arch in one vegie patch. I called out to DH to come and have a look as I concentrated on getting those kilometres done on the bike.
 I was pretty sure that the shape was a bird and my guess was that it was an owl. DH turned on the outside light and sure enough, it was an owl. He let DH creep up quite close to get this photo. It's always a good feeling when we spot wildlife in our garden as we are quite close to the city.


Claud said...

Good spotting and good picture too! Do you know what kind it is? I can still hear owls early in the dawn hours sometimes. It brings me good memories.

kaiteM said...

hi Maria, he's a Tawny Frogmouth, not exactly an owl but is often confused with one as they have the same habits. See the link here
a beautiful bird.