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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Snippets on knitting....

Kaite, over at 'Kaite YarnGarden' has been knitting with all her 'ends' and scraps of yarn. Kaite calls this 'knit minestrone' and explains all about it here and invites people to join in using up all those scraps of yarn they may have. Naturally anything to do with knitting,  I'm interested, so I signed up. This afternoon I spent 20 minutes or so going through some of my knitting bags. I knew that lurking at the bottom of these bags, there would be scraps. Scraps always seem to make their way to the bottom of the bag! lol
Somehow I think I have plenty to start off this project????

My next snippet is a photo of a knitting friend's project that she brought to Knit and Natter yesterday. Joy proudly showed me her first attempt at doing a slipstitch design. She is making a rug in strips and was just so excited how easy the pattern was. It was looking beautiful. I had given Joy some photocopied pages of some old favourites of mine. The one she chose was 'Navajo blanket stitch'. I took a photo with my phone.

Joy only used 2 colours. The pattern suggests 3 colours and use of the third colour makes it look totally different. The next photo is this pattern in 3 colours in a 'sampler' I made in the late 1990s.

Here's the pattern; it's just a scanned copy but still readable I think .

My final snippet on knitting today is about a project that I have been doing for a few years now. I donate a throw rug to our parish art and craft show; if it sells the parish gets 100%. So far I've sold every one. Last year's turned out to be a favourite of mine...I called it 'Over hill and dale'.

This year I was going to knit a mohair throw but while on holidays in Victoria I decided to change that idea. Instead, I went with the 'old favourite/quick to knit' chevron design in autumn tones. My mum loved autumn colours so I may call this one 'Memories of Mernda' unless a better name comes to me.

I've knitted another 30cm since I took this photo last week but I'll need to get 'cracking' and have it well and truly finished before July 4 when I need to hand it over to the Art Show organisers. Opening night is July 6 and the new Premier, Campbell Newman will be opening the show. The parish is in his electorate and apparently all 4 major TV stations will be there. Hmmm...what shall DH and I wear that night??? lol


kaiteM said...

Hi Maria, that's a wonderful collection of scrap yarns but do you have any shorter lengths? I'm working with pieces down to about 12 ins.
I'll try that Navajo blanket stitch, love something different. cheerio

Dorothy said...

Your knitting is beautiful - it would take me three decades (or more) to knit a blanket !!!! That's probably why I love to crochet. The Navajo stitch looks very interesting.

Linn said...

I love seeing your knitting Maria. That would have taking me years to knit. You are one talented lady!

Arlete Castro said...
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Arlete Castro said...
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Mary said...

Those are big and pretty. I would have only made hats. But I have hats on my mind. A few of my school students crochet hats for donation. Some state and don't complete so I finish them off.

kaiteM said...

hey Maria, why don't you post that basket of yarn scraps over on knitted minestrone.

Susan said...

A beaut post Maria. I really liked Joy's knitting and thank you for the pattern!
Love your throw rugs and your chevron pattern in autumn colours is beautiful - it would look gorgeous in any location! I like your proposed name for it too :D)