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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sad times here in Qld

Following my post yesterday, Ipswich and inner parts of Brisbane continue to flood, with the situation expected to become progressively worse tomorrow. DH has just gone out with my BIL to the suburb of New Farm to help my SIL's godmother (Patrozza) move things out of her house before the river rises higher. Mary's Patrozza is already staying at their house at Bridgeman Downs which is close to being an outer suburb. Yesterday's estimates of homes and businesses expected to be affected have risen dramatically and the death toll is now 12 and 67 are still missing. The good news is that the missing list was 90. Sadly children are among the death toll and our Prime Minister warns that we should be prepared for more fatalities.

DH has been working on a contract in the city and the building is closed for at least another day or so. The Performing Arts centre is also beside the river and performances (including the opening last night) of 'Wicked' have been postponed naturally. A number of us had a block booking for today's matinee and when things 'calm down' a bit in the Central Business District, we'll organise replacement tickets.
It is a gloriously sunny day here today and I washed towels, teatowels, handtowels, tablecloths and washers and they got nice and dry within a short time.
I'm adding a link to a blog which is organising assistance for helping fellow sewers/quilters in the flood affected areas, to replace items they may have lost in the flood. It's always a horrible thought to lose items like that but in such a disaster it's people rather than 'things' that are important. So especially readers here in Australia, please take a look.
Not a very good photo as there was lightning around so I stayed in the car and took the photos through the windows. The creek is normally narrow and runs in a horizontal fashion across the middle of the photo. The flooding has covered up a footbridge which would be about the middle of the photo and the little bit of fence that is visible borders a bike path which is flooded over. If you click on the photo it will enlarge

I've taken to wearing my gumboots to the shops now so that my shoes and sandals don't get wrecked!
We must continually keep those affected by these floods in our thoughts and prayers.

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