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Thursday, January 20, 2011

DH and retirement...

DH retired in 2009 when he turned 60. He really took to the new lifestyle, no early morning treks to the railway station, no long long days at the office and up to 5 days per week playing golf. Less than a year after he retired his former boss started offering contracts. At least one he wasn't able to take as we had a Norfolk Is holiday planned. But it wasn't long before he had an offer he didn't think he could refuse. So for a number of months he ran a government office in Ipswich, commuting from Brisbane each day on the train.  As the organisation wanted him to run the federal election for the seat of Blair, DH negotiated that when the election was called he would have accommodation in Ipswich for the duration of the election. Remember all the drama last year when 'Kevie' was deposed by Julia? Despite the denials of an impending election, the election was suddenly announced and DH worked 'flat out'!  Eventually, a month after the election his contract finished and he was back home with us again. Then...

Last November the former boss rings him to congratulate him on a job well done and to offer another contract...this time to organise an 'Out of country' referendum for southern Sudanese to secede from the rest of Sudan. So a rushed trip to Canberra almost straight away and then training Sudanese staff, organising a venue for both training and voting and getting ready for the 3 stages of the voting process; registration, verification and voting. Everything done at each of the centres in Australia had to mirror what was happening in the Sudan. My husband was looking forward to the completion of the tasks when flooding hit Brisbane and the Southbank venue was flooded. Eventually some alternatives were sorted out and the polls closed on Tuesday and the papers were sent to Canberra on Wednesday morning. DH's contract was finished and another job well done. Of course he was then ready for lots of golf...unfortunately the rains and flooding means that conditions on city golf courses are not very pleasant at the moment. Never mind...there's always next week!
DH on the left. Photo was in one of the local papers to illustrate a news item about the shed at the course which caught fire destroying a number of golf-buggies stored inside. Obviously the sub editor thought these 2 fellows were a better photo than the burnt out shed!!!

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