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Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 2 of the 'rest of my life'...

Yesterday was a very satisfying day as when all my colleagues headed off to work with their new classes, I did not! My Sunday night wasn't filled with preparations such as ironing, organising lessons and resources, packing lunch and morning tea etc either. Instead of arising at 5.30 am, I chose a time close to 7 am, and firstly did 25 minutes on my exercise bike. Then a leisurely 'egg on toast' and cup of tea breakfast while I read the newspaper. Then a few quick chores, a shower, clean clothes and DH and I went to Bunnings to buy some more pavers to make paths to the front gate, down the western side of the house and another path to the clothesline. After we had bought the pavers I suddenly thought that we perhaps should have checked out the demolition yards first. Oh well, maybe next time!

A hibiscus flower grown by my friends.

Later in the day I watched some shows that we had recorded, 'Lewis' and 'Ashes to Ashes' while I did some was bliss! DH had a long conversation with a real estate agent who 'cold-called' us and the upshot of that conversation is that an agent is coming out to talk to us next week about selling our house. I'm of 2 minds about this as we did put our house on the market last year after being talked into testing the market. We're very happy here but I will acknowledge that our 1950s house needs work done again and will continue to do so. The developers are gradually changing the streetscape of our suburb and a developer has bought the property next door. But the developers hope that people will sell to them at low prices...we won't, so that's why we didn't sell last year. And I was happy that it didn't sell then. Because we're travelling in March/April it doesn't seem to make sense to try to sell the house now but DH sees things differently. I guess time will tell...stayed tuned.

A beautiful bouquet given to Yas and Stu (nephew and his wife) following the birth of Harper. There are singlets, socks, bibs etc manipulated to look like flowers, oh and some chocolates too. Very clever and very useful!!!

Today I had lunch with a former colleague who has gone back to university to study for a new career. Yes we did talk school for a while but that should get less and less the longer I am away!

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Linn said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. If that is retirement sign me up!