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Monday, January 10, 2011

A disaster continues to unfold...

Here in Queensland the flooding continues. Yesterday all Queenslanders were shocked by the sudden severe flooding in Toowoomba. Toowoomba is on the 'range' west of Brisbane. It does not have a large river flowing through it; it has some small creeks. Yesterday without warning, West Creek became a torrent and flooded the central business district. The flooding continued and Murphy's creek also flooded. News footage shows people clinging on to poles, trees etc to stop being washed away; cars being washed away (sometimes with people inside); people standing on the roofs of buildings that are almost submerged...horrible!!! Eight people have been confirmed dead but there are several people still missing.
Today, thunderstorms are predicted and I can hear very distant thunder...A lot of water is being released from one of the dams today so flooding is expected in my city of Brisbane. It is expected to be confined to about 400 properties and will mainly affect properties in a number of low-lying suburbs and those close to the river. I've always envied those people who can afford riverside homes ...not at the moment however! We live on a hill and about 12 kms from the city centre.

Lina who is staying under the house and only coming out for food . This photo was taken a while ago as there is washing on the line drying! lol
All of that happening makes my little drama here seem inconsequential. On Sunday it became obvious that my cat Lina was missing and hadn't eaten her dried food for breakfast and did not come home for dinner. When the rain eased DH took a torch and went looking around the yard and under the house. He found her under the house (at the point where it's closest to the ground) and she miaowed but refused to come out. Next morning she emerged briefly when DH put out the dry food but she ate so little and then went back under the house. I spent yesterday morning trying to work out how I could get her out as I was convinced that she was dying or at the very least very ill. Late afternoon yesterday she emerged again and had a drink of water and more dry food. I was able to check her out and she seemed fine. The rain had stopped though when she came out.Then when I fed my other cat about 6.30 she came out again and wolfed down some food and then went back under the house. I think she is upset with 2 or more weeks of quite heavy rain and that's why she's staying under the house; it's like a refuge for her, she won't come into the house! I'm so relieved she's ok as I really thought she was dying...

PS DH rang me just before asking me to keep the TV on so I can hear latest updates. The job that he is doing is at the Convention Centre which is beside the Brisbane River. The car park is below ground and because of the water being released from Wivenhoe Dam, he is concerned he may have to get the car out. That extra water is expected at 2ish this afternoon. I'm going to wear my new gum boots to the shops this morning as I'm going to Bunnings to buy some pavers to make stepping stones through the mud and fill some prescriptions we're going to run out of in the next few days. What happened in Toowoomba yesterday has frightened the daylights out of me and so a little prep doesn't hurt..

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