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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love you Queensland...On my mind...

Today I want to share a link to a song which has been recorded by people from one of Brisbane's Theatre groups, Harvest Rain Theatre. The clip also features Simon Gallaher, a local boy, who achieved fame with his musical talents as well as being well-known for his role in the 'Pirates Of Penzance' with Jon English. The song started life many years ago as a TV station jingle and was called 'Love you Brisbane'. Now the song has re-emerged as 'Love You Queenland' and features photos of the flooding. The song is also available from iTunes and is being marketed to raise money for the Flood appeal.
 I guess I will have to sit down with the iPod manual and work out how to get the song on to my iPod. lol

1 comment:

Linn said...

Best of luck Maria with the ipod. After nearly two years I have only just realised that my kids ipods can download photos as well as music. Now they all have the family photos on them. Sometimes it's better to call the experts in to help ..... the teenagers!