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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Busy times...

I've been a bit slack writing posts lately. The weekend was certainly full! On Saturday, we went grocery shopping early and also popped into Myer to inquire as to the whereabouts of the small laptop I bought on Boxing Day. After waiting ages while the young man frantically keyed in information from my 'slip' into the register, it became apparent that although I'd paid, the laptop had not been ordered. To cut a long story short, there were none available, but I was offered the display one with a discount. And I decided to take their offer. Then I had to wait while the laptop had its factory settings restored...half an hour.
So all of this was a tiny bit frustrating as I wanted to be home to make a batch of patty/cup/fairy cakes for our little afternoon tea soiree. One of our great nieces had turned 1 and instead of us visiting her, Alex's parents said that they would visit us. So we invited some other great aunts and uncles and our nephew also brought his mum, Sonja who as well as being Alex's far-mor (Danish for paternal grandma), is our SIL. So as well as cooking there was still some vacuuming to do and putting breakables and pet bowls out of reach. Eventually we headed home and got on with our preparations. Just on lunchtime, I checked my FaceBook page and our nephew had posted that his grandmother mor mor (Sonja's 90 y/o mum had had a stroke last week and had been given 6 months to live max) had just died . So we got to work on 2 phones ringing people to let them know. However, Sonja assured us that they were still coming over for afternoon tea.

Alex, our guest of honour arrives! The feet and legs belong to daddy (Dean) and mummy (Jane).

Alex isn't quite sure about this 'blowing out the candle' business!

Some of the lovely people in our family; I have been so fortunate to be accepted so willingly into this family in the last 9 years.
So by just after 2.30 all our guests had arrived and we had an enjoyable afternoon being entertained by little Alex!  And of course sharing lots of memories of Sonja's mother. We also discovered that it was actually Sonja's birthday that day. DH had always thought her birthday was Australia Day and I had sent her a Jacqui Lawson ecard on Wednesday! So we sang happy birthday to the 2 birthday girls.
Our little guest of honour got quite tired by all the excitement so we bid them goodbye as they headed back home to the Southside.
Note:- Here in Brisbane we have 2 areas...north of the river and south of the river. It is a strange phenomen here that people identify with being either a northsider or a southsider. Our nephew and his family are southsiders, DH and the other aunts and uncles are northsiders. So it's a big thing to visit each other as we leave our 'territories'.. ridiculous really in a medium sized city!!

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