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Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have been knitting since the end of the year that I was in Grade 2, which was a long time ago! I've sorta resolved that I will do knitting projects this year that take a bit of concentration and more effort. Well that was the gist of my entry into a competition being run by Tangled Yarns the reality is that I'm working on a simple project at the moment. Knitting motifs and eventually making enough to sew into a throw/rug/blankie. This will do while I ponder a little longer about a more complicated project.
I've made this pattern before; it was called in the original pattern, 'Autumn leaves' and the shape is a quadrilateral (that's the teacher in me!!!), the pattern descibes it as a leaf shape and I would describe it as a 'kite-shape'.
It is an Australian Women's Weekly pattern and an 'ancient' one at that! (It is a lift-out dated Aug 2, 1972!!!!)

This is the first rug I made. I changed the number of cast-on stitches to make the shapes larger, and crocheted around each in black to make it easier to sew together. It took ages to make this as I did many other projects at the same time. I finished it when a friend's daughter had to have a finger amputated and I wanted to give her something special.

The original pattern; the motifs were only about 5 cm/2"

To the left of the photo are some motifs left over from the first rug. The ones on the right hand side are from the latest project and I have experimented yet again with changing the size...less motifs needed! lol

I guess I will again work on this project intermittently so it might be a while before I complete it! But it's sure good to be knitting again.


Linn said...

That is a beautiful blanket! I like making things that you can just put down and then pick up whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Eventually it all comes together. Happy knitting!

Maria said...

I know what you mean Linn! I think that's why I love the English paper piecing style of patchwork too...the work is very portable.

Claud said...

Maria that rug is absolutely beautiful! You are so talented. I can crochet but knitting is a different animal and haven't been able to tame it yet.

I love all the bright colors and adding the black just make each color pop out even more. Gorgeous!