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Friday, January 14, 2011

Nourishing Traditions cont....

Yesterday I wrote about the book 'Nourishing Traditions' and I received some very useful comments from fellow bloggers. I've now got some suggestions of different milks which make good substitutes for raw milk so that make some of the recipes in the book attainable! I've ended up buying the book and I was able to buy it from an Australian company online for less than what it would have cost from the Book Depository. I got it from and at the moment they are offering free postage! I always check Amazons, Abebooks and Booktopia too and Amazons was cheaper but the book is very heavy and postage/shipping would have been quite a bit...probably about $27USD.
Now I also appear to have found a supplier of rapadura a form of sugar recommended by the book. But I must admit I haven't checked out any health shops yet as buying online will mean shipping costs. This is the company I've found. Now the product is expensive but considering that DH and I take over 12 months to consume a 1kg bag of sugar it would not be so prohibitive. A friend in the US commented last year that she had changed to  (coconut) palm sugar and had lost that could be worth some investigation too.

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Linn said...

Thanks for the info Maria. I'd love to hear what recipes you make and if you enjoy them. Tonight, I made a beef mince dish with brown rice,(the first time the children have had brown rice and most of them loved it!) so will trying out some more recipes.